11 commandments of Business Social



  1. Know who you are trying to talk to and target. Knowing this (and knowing it inside out) is the foundation to a strong social media presence as if you get your audience wrong, it means you aren’t talking to the people who will be interested in you and your service.
  1. Know what you’re trying to achieve.

Likes and follows. Check.

Sales and community engagement? Check.

Database building? Why not.

Know what you’re doing online and your strategy and execution will have a purpose and a guide.

  1. It will save you time and energy. Will ensure your presence has a flow and vibe to it and (maybe most importantly) will keep you sane.
  1. Post about what your audience is interested in. Fashion, travel, food, knowledge, science, advice, networking, home, lifestyle, technology… whatever it might be, if your audience is interested in it, find a (relevant) way to link it to you and share it with them.
  1. Post at times when you know your audience is online and active. With limited time and attention spans, it is pivotal that you understand when your community is online and make sure you are there at the same time.
  1. Look at your analytics and understand what they mean. On most platforms you can easily see what worked and what didn’t (did it get lots of interaction? It worked) for others – Facebook and twitter – there are great programs that you show how many people saw posts, what the engagement was, how many clicks it got… look at these and understand what they mean.
  1. Good result – do more of it. Your community likes it. Bad result – do less of it, you community doesn’t like it.
  1. Place yourself on platforms where your audience is. Interact with them and create connections. Social media is about the people, not about what you want. Find them online and give them what they want.
  1. Know that social media is about building a community. We know that you are here for sales, however sales come over time once you have established a base who love and adore you.
  1. Know that social media strategies take time; time to develop, time to deploy, time to monitor and time to take hold. If you invest the time into your strategy you will see results.
  1. Educate yourself. There are thousands of resources out there that will help you to find your feet and get your social media strategy rolling (and right!). Read blogs, watch YouTube videos, talk to people like us – everyone is here to help and you are not alone.

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