2016 and your Instagram


By Anna Boucaut

Here at the Social Media Servants we just adore Instagram! From making our meal choice at a restaurant to choosing where we are going to stay on our upcoming holiday, Instagram is allowing more content, information and experiences to be shared.

It is important for brands to be across all of these opportunities and ensure that they are utilising the impact that they can have on their customers. Our friends at Social Media Today have highlighted five ways to win on Instagram this year, and we love it!

Give Users an Inside Look at the business operations. We all love beautiful photos but behind the scene shots have been more effective and engaging across the social media board. This allows you to humanise a brand, and show your audience who you really are.

Keep Your Genuine Appeal whilst still engaging in the new Instagram Advertising offerings. Don’t loose out by becoming generic just because you now have an opportunity to get your content in front of a much larger audience. It is important that your community still feels connected with you and not like you are consistently promoting.

Interacting with your Followers will become the point of separation between those who excel with opportunities on Instagram, and those who do not. Take time to see who is and who isn’t engaging with you. Use this information to reflect on your brand voice, direction and strategy; it is a good place to ensure you are targeting the right client!

Showcase Content Your Followers Are Pushing Out with regrams and shares! The impact of influencers is only going to continue to grow – engage with these individuals and get your product out there on Instagram. The more you can showcase your brand being used in a real environment, the more connection potential customers will feel to the product.

Ensure you Utilise Hashtags and their power across all of your Instagram account. In 2015, hashtags became the favourable option when searching for a product, event or feeling, and it is important that you include ways that your community can find you. The impact of a unique brand hashtag, related to a campaign for example, will allow you to leverage these opportunities even more.

Happy Snapping!

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