12 ways you will fail at Business Social


  1. Assume you are targeting the ‘general public’ Firstly – there is no such thing as a general public when it comes to your audience. You don’t talk to a 3 year-old the same way you talk to a 50 year-old, nor do they use your product/ service in the same manner. If you aren’t specific on who your audience is, you will lose market share to a competitor to knows and targets them in a manner that they respond to.
  1. Decide that your objective is to get more likes/ followers.

Why do you want more likes? What are more followers going to achieve for you? Go beyond a generic ‘get more likes’ and look at what you want more likes to achieve.

  1. Just do it adhoc. Social media strategy has to be just that – strategic. If it’s not, you’re just posting.
  1. Post about yourself. Social media is led by the people for the people. I can find out about you on your website. Use social media to create personality and persona.
  1. Bombard your feed all at once – annoying
  1. Post inconsistently or very rarely – if you don’t care about me, I won’t care about you.
  1. Ignore analytics and do what you like. If you don’t know what works, you won’t know what works. Simple and annoyingly true.
  1. Think that just because you aren’t on platform x people aren’t talking about you there.
  1. Think that because you don’t like platform x you won’t join it. If you aren’t on a platform it simply means you allow you competition to take hold of it and you don’t have a voice on it.
  1. Think that you will get sales because you have a Facebook page. The #1 use of social media for successful business is to create connection and engagement with their community. If you are only here for $$ you will no be happy.
  1. Wonder why you have been posting for 2 weeks and haven’t seen ‘great’ results. There are over 1billion active people on Facebook alone. You are competing with noise that takes time to cut through. Keep doing what you’re doing and you will see benefits.
  1. Think it’s just a fad that will pass. Social media is here and it isn’t going anywhere. If you need to be convinced that social media is worthwhile it won’t be long before you see your competition taking over and taking your community, customers and sales.


Have your say: What is one thing that you find it hard to stop doing on your social?

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