YouTube’s New Studio Tool

Did you hear that YouTube Studio is becoming the new default?

The trials for the new studio tool have been in testing for just under a year now. This new tool is an alternate to Creator Studio and will become the new default experience for creators on the platform. In addition to this a new dashboard with three new metrics will be introduced.

The new dashboard will include;

  • Analytics that will compare how the creator’s latest videos are performing compared to previous videos
  • Personalised recommendations of creator academy content based on the specific needs of the creators’ channel.
  • YouTube Updates.

The YouTube Analytics product manager, Ezequiel Baril calls this new dashboard a ‘one-stop shop for data, insights and news’.

This new alternative will be rolled out to all channels in the coming weeks although creators will still have the power to opt back to the classic version of Creator Studio.

These changes will allow creators to have a clearer view on their audience base and how to best target them.


To learn more about how to target an audience on YouTube, feel free to contact us.

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