A look back on 2015 social


As the silly season is coming in quickly, its best to have a look at what has happened for us in Social in 2015, and what exciting things are to come in 2016.

2015 saw a lot of video, video and more video – a trend that was definitely on the rise at the end of last year, and which has grown to be the most shared and generated content on Facebook. Facebook has even decided to prioritize video in their analytics, making it a favourable post for businesses and individuals to gain more reach.

We also began to really think about paid posts – cashing in on the benefits, it was clear that the future of effective social media posting was in advertising and paid posts. This would lead to greater impressions, but with more money. Facebook caught on and realised the benefit of the advertisements and that for a big enough company, the content they are producing would need to be seen to ensure engagement with their communities.

So moving forward, how are companies utilizing their social media platforms to both integrate video, boost posts and engage with their communities in 2016? Facebook has been forward thinking, being amongst the first to adopt a “buy now” on posts. This will allow users that see a product they like on a sponsored post to immediately purchase it, without leaving the app. Instagram, is not far behind.

It will also be a year where we will see a lot more ‘in-app’ activity, as social media platforms compete against each other to be the leader. It will be more important than ever to ensure that users stay within the application for as long as possible, making it even more crucial for companies to provide access to all needs for users – eg, video, shopping, information, content creation.

It will be interesting to see the adaptation of platforms throughout the first six months of 2016, as trends rapidly change over Christmas and social media continues to dominate the opportunities for businesses and users.

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