Apple joins Instagram!

By Anna Boucaut

Earlier this month, Apple launched its first Instagram account with a bang, using the already successful #ShotoniPhone campaign hashtag as a base for its content strategy. This gave Apple the perfect opportunity to incite community involvement, gain traction for the account and engage with a wide audience.

Previously, the company has only existed on Twitter and Facebook. However, the lack of any posts on these accounts indicated that they were being used for advertising purposes only. Apple Music holds separate social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where they continue to engage with the community through daily posts and strong campaigns.

The introduction of an Apple Instagram account is a surprise, but it is the ideal platform for expanding the reach of the #ShotoniPhone campaign. To share the iconic images shot by everyday people on their iPhone with the larger community seems like a no-brainer. There are currently 29 posts on the account, inclusive of videos, slideshows and the introduction of what looks to be a new campaign, “Showcase” (the first being “#TheWaterSeries”).

Every post so far has tagged photographers’ Instagram accounts – a move that closely connects the brand with the everyday iPhone user.

Simply tag #ShotoniPhone for your chance to take part!

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