Build your database with Facebook lead ads

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By Rosie Thompson

Looking for ways to build up your database? Well now you can do it easily through Facebook! New Facebook lead ads make the process of collecting email addresses significantly easier and cheaper for your business.

Using a Facebook form and lead ads, businesses can now build an email list without needing to send users to their website. This gives people a quick way to sign up for information from the businesses they care about, without even leaving their Facebook newsfeed.

Brands who have already adopted this tool have seen great success, receiving more high-quality leads at a fraction of the price compared to other channels. Mazda, for example, switched on their Facebook lead ads and got 5x the number of leads compared to ads linking to their website, and the lead cost dropped by 85%.

Facebook lead ads are also able to be integrated into your business’ CRM and email systems. Recently, a vacation discount website, Secret Escapes used lead ads to make it easy for people to sign up for their email list directly from Facebook. Their cost per lead was 52% more efficient than other Facebook advertising, with twice as many sign-ups, and they integrated the leads with their CRM provider, Driftrock, to offer a more seamless experience.

Businesses can now also customise the user experience and increase the likelihood of people providing their details through context cards, giving the user more information upfront; ensuring that the leads they receive are high-quality. Additionally, lead ads are now available on mobile and desktop, making it easier for businesses to connect with people on any device.

With these new features, lead ads can better help businesses connect with the people who want to hear from them. If you want to start collecting leads in a way that’s easy for people and simple for businesses, get in touch with us at

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