Busting LinkedIn Myths

By Gemma Browne

If you haven’t already realised, your employees are one of the best brand advocates your company has. The key is utilising their advocacy to its full potential. Implementing an internal employee LinkedIn strategy and offering company guidelines to follow, is a fantastic way to empower employees to play their role in word of mouth marketing.

But how can you encourage your employees to invest in the platform and utilise it to grow your company’s footprint? First, there are a few key myths that you will need to help debunk!

Like any social media platform, there are those 100% for it, and those who are hesitant and don’t see the benefit to themselves or a wider cause. Although LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business professionals across all industries, there are still a lot of misconceptions about how it works. Below are some key misunderstandings that are often associated with the platform.

Myth #1: You only need LinkedIn when looking for you’re looking for a new job.

Fact: LinkedIn is a great place to build your professional brand, stay up-to-date with your network and industry trends, build relationships with like-minded professionals, uncover new leads, and gain insights and knowledge at every point in your career.


Myth #2: LinkedIn is only good for businesses looking to hire new employees.

Fact: LinkedIn can provide businesses with the opportunity to connect with current and potential stakeholders, agencies, industry bodies and service providers, while establishing a position within their industry. Through tools such as LinkedIn Text Ads and Sales Navigator, LinkedIn has also consolidated itself as an effective sales and marketing tool for businesses worldwide.


Myth #3: LinkedIn is just another social media platform and can be used in the same way as Facebook.

Fact: While you might expect to see humorous memes, cat videos and baby photos throughout your Facebook feed, people on LinkedIn mean business. Anything you post should be a reflection of the personal brand you want represented professionally. This doesn’t mean content has to be boring, simply more about your professional interests, beliefs, insights and experience and less about what you had to eat for lunch. Follow groups, companies and industry leaders for inspiration!


Myth #4: LinkedIn is not relevant to my industry, no one I know is on it.

Fact: LinkedIn has more than 400 million members worldwide, and has over 140 industry categories listed on their company directory including fishery! If yours isn’t there, take this as an opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in your niche and the latecomers will soon find their way to you.

Interested in more ways to encourage employee LinkedIn buy-in or looking to generate more leads through LinkedIn? Get in touch with the Servants team today.

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