Converse take to Twitter with Public Access campaign

By Anna Boucaut

Converse are using Twitter as a platform to engage Gen Z and launch a larger brand refresh. In the series #ConversePublicAccess, Converse will ask young celebrities to host short, sharp interviews with people of their choice.

When it comes to the topics up for discussion, it will be entirely up to the host to lead questions and conversations on topics they find important (but of course, brand-centric topics will be avoided). As a focus, Converse are seeking to “highlight individuals who challenge the status quo”. This is not dissimilar to the brand message that Converse have always portrayed.

Using Twitter to launch this campaign lends itself to mass reach, easy engagement, and adds the opportunity to have real-time conversations and customer reactions featured.

Is this the first sign that Twitter is making a comeback for brands’ marketing campaigns? To join #ConversePublicAccess, click here.

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