Digital Interaction with a Feminine Touch


A recent survey of 11,000 females aged 18+, found some interesting results in relation to how women shop and interact with brands online.

Among the findings, Influenster discovered that:

  • 94% of women engage actively with brands online
  • 31% of women interact with brands digitally on a daily basis
  • 90% of women do so via their mobile phones vs. 53% on their laptops

While a small sample, the numbers did reflect the general marketing focus of brands when targeted female with results indicating “that Instagram was the favoured platform for women to engage with brand content, with 81% of respondents marking it as their preference. Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter rounded out the top five.”

And for businesses wondering what they should be posting, when asked: “What makes you share a brand’s social post?” 91% of respondents chose “I like the brands post and want to share it with my followers”, with the second most popular option being “I like the brand/product/service and want to be associated with it 59%” (source

Read the full outline of results here and apply them to your digital strategy today.

Source: adweek

Source: adweek

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