Does your community want you to stop talking to them?


Stop trying to talk to us and just give me something for free – this is the message coming loud and clear from consumers.

In a report from Sensis, the company spoke to 1,100 businesses and “the study found that while 84 percent of marketers are looking to open a conversation, most punters want discounts (45 percent), giveaways (35 percent) and coupons (30 percent). But less than a third of companies are currently offering such promotions.”

So what are businesses doing instead? Trying to engage their community. Before you run out and alter all of your social strategy to only hand out giveaways and share sales, take a step back and understand how it all fits together:

  • Community engagement ensures that you have a group of people who care about you and will listen
  • Giveaways, promotions and promo codes give back to your online community and are a way of saying ‘thank you’ for begin part of your brand

So what is the in-between for social media today? It’s simple: build a community that is engaged and likes to communicate with you, and ensure that you are giving them what they want in return. While it might sound like common sense, be sure that you are giving as much as you get and your community will thank you for it.

Have your say: How much will this new information change your social media strategy?

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