Don’t let things get shady!


By Anna Boucaut

Community management is a key component of any successful social media strategy execution. At Social Media Servants, ensuring every message, comment and share doesn’t go unnoticed is not something we take lightly – and it is for good reason! 

Delivery and monitoring platform Sprout Social, recently surveyed more than 1000 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users, attempting to better understand the driving force behind public shaming; specifically, on social media. It was found that 36 percent of the 1,000 individuals would shame any company on social media if their messages were ignored. Beyond this, the survey found that ignoring a message would lead to one in three community members switching to a competitor.

From this sample, it would seem that community management is a little bit more important than some believe it to be.

Such an outcome can have a hugely detrimental effect on business and brand ROI. As social media continues to demonstrate its popularity isn’t going anywhere, so too does its focus on becoming the go-to for customers and any of their customer service needs.

For a brand or business, this means that it is more crucial than ever before to ensure your social media community management is up to scratch; and understanding why there is a lack of response is the first crucial step. By eliminating these roadblocks, you are opening up a much more effective place for two-way communication, which will lead to greater customer satisfaction and in turn, higher conversion rates.

Always keep in mind that positive brand exposure is key. It has been found that 75 percent of social users are more likely to post something positive about your brand on social if they feel they have received good customer service – another 70 percent may even make a purchase!

Let us help you, help them. All it takes is a simple “Hello, how can we help?”.

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