Facebook advertising: add some digital to your bricks and mortar

By Anna Boucaut

Overnight Facebook has announced a game-changing solution for businesses that face the number one challenge of digital media, providing ROI. They’re connecting the space between in-store and mobile with development to their Local Awareness adverts.

The local awareness adverts have one goal in mind: to bring people to your business. The updated adverts now integrate ‘Shop Visits’ – a native shop location finder – to help people find and navigate themselves to their most convenient store. This assists in removing the common frustration felt by consumers when trying to navigate a poorly designed mobile store.

As well as providing a map of all the nearby business locations, people can also view the address, opening times, phone number, website and estimated travel time to each shop; this is a clear indication that Facebook is taking on the elements currently offered by Google.


Not only will shop visits allow a better experience for the customer, it will also be able to fully integrate with existing advert reporting. Through linking Facebook users with the location services enabled on their smart phones, advertisers will now be able to:

  • See how many people come into their shop after seeing a Facebook campaign
  • Optimise the advertising creative, delivery and targeting based on measured shop visits
  • Analyse results across shops and regions to plan and optimise future campaigns

Using this information, businesses will be able to better prove their digital investments. With real time information on foot-traffic and in-store sales there will be more information on consumer demographics and ability to optimize campaigns and advertising.  If you would like to look at integrating Shop Visits into your digital presence, let us help!








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