Facebook Analytics for Apps


By Phoebe Bullen

Facebook Analytics for Apps is a powerful solution to understanding the people who use your iOS and android apps, optimising their user experience and reaching them with targeted campaigns.

The free tool is the only solution that provides brands with accurate audience insights like age, gender, education, interests, country, language and more.

While you may have encountered various other analytic tools for your app, here are just a few advantages of using Facebook’s Analytics for Apps to get to know your audience:

Facebook’s unique offering is its strength in demographics. With over a billion people on Facebook, the company is able to provide deeper insights into audience behaviour by breaking down its own demographics, as well as through its integration with Facebook ads. You can measure each step of the customer journey to find out how to optimise your app for greater conversion, retention, and lifetime value.

Send push and in-app notification campaigns based on the behaviour and actions people take in your app. Create free, customisable notifications with photos, animated GIFs, buttons and more to keep your audience engaged.

If you are already running ad campaigns on the Facebook platform, Analytics for Apps allows you to grow your audience with targeted advertising. These powerful tools provide you with greater insights into the lifetime value of your ads and can help you optimise for better performance. Create custom audiences with segmentation tools, and then grow your audience by targeting ads to ‘lookalikes’.

Get started with Analytics for Apps here.


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