Facebook and video: your perfect weapon for success

By Anna Boucaut

There has been an obvious change in the number of videos flooding our Facebook newsfeed over the last 12 months… and it’s not because the competition for ‘Most Hilarious Cat Video’ is now the focus of our careers (although, we can dream!)

This change has occurred due to Facebook’s focus on ‘beating’ YouTube and in line with this, their algorithm update that ensures no video gets left behind.

Facebook currently boasts more than 8 billion views per day and in its recent algorithm update, reported that videos enjoyed 1200% more shares than static imagery; meaning video is critical to your brand’s social media success.

As we know, nothing good comes that easily and there are a few tricks that you need to watch out for!

On average, almost 80% of brand videos on the platform are being watched silently. This is a reflection of the system developed by Facebook, meaning that instead of being inundated by sound and visuals, you are receiving the visual, with a choice to listen. What does this mean for you? It is critical that the visual content you are providing is informative, with text or captions of what is being shown on the screen included in your content plan.

The psychology behind capturing your viewer’s attention hasn’t changed – engage them for the first three seconds and then encourage them to stick around for the entire video and you are winning.

If you stick by these simple concepts, you are well ahead of the people who are not embracing this approach, and Facebook will continue to reward you with excellent engagement and brand awareness results.

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