Facebook Announces New Partners for Advert Metrics

By Phoebe Bullen

With brands spending more and more of their ad budgets in the digital sphere, Facebook has come under some scrutiny by advertising industry leaders who are reluctant to pay for video views that users might be merely scrolling past instead of viewing in their newsfeeds.

So in an effort to maintain marketers’ trust, Facebook have announced an expansion of its third-party verification program with new partners Neilson, Integral Ad Science and comScore. In the coming months, these new partners will start to verify advert viewability and attention to metrics for photo and video adverts on Facebook, giving advertisers the data transparency they want.

According to Facebook, “Independent ad verification partnerships are critical to making sure advertisers trust their ad delivery data, so they can explore exactly how to drive value for their business in feed-based platforms.”

We expect further updates as they continue to add partners and additional capabilities.

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