Facebook: Captain, my Captain


We might only be halfway through January, but already there are some exciting social media updates and developments that will shape the way that businesses and consumers behave online.

Facebook, the captain of social media, will continue to sprint ahead as they jump onboard the power of the media industry; especially with digital advertising becoming a clear leader for all things advertising.

Looking ahead, Facebook announced some of their greatest developments, products, apps and set ups in early January. Some are no surprise – like the opportunity for 360 Video to become the newest video content opportunity for brands. Creating a virtual reality as a result of this concept will be an entirely new content creation avenue for brands, and will allow for endless creativity and engagement.

Facebook Messenger is also on its way to becoming something more than just friendly messaging app. It has shown interest in becoming the one-stop shop for everything. Incorporating GIFs and now the ability to order an Uber, Facebook Messenger is moving quickly to be ‘everything’ in line with the needs of its customers.

In exciting for business, Social Shopping will become integrated into business pages, making it easier for customers to order directly from Facebook. The goal of this development is to make sure that customers stay on Facebook, rather than being directed to an external page. Beyond social, this update will change the impact of SEO forever.

These exciting changes are only some of the exciting happenings across Facebook, and social media in 2016. We have no doubt that there will be continued improvements, innovations and creative opportunities that develop throughout the year – so keep watching!



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