Facebook experience depends in a large part on who your friends are


In our previous blog ‘Facebook isn’t dying, so please stop blaming it for a lack of sales’ we discussed the effect that the Facebook algorithm has on pages and what can be done to overcome a drop in reach and engagement.

It turns out we weren’t the only ones doing research on the Facebook algorithm. The results from new research from Facebook mean not everyone will be happy.

In an article published by Mashable Facebook study shows that you — not an algorithm — are your own worst enemy the results show “…that the power to expose oneself to perspectives from the other side in social media lies first and foremost with individuals.” Read the full article here.

Put simply: “our likelihood of encountering content shared by people with opposing points of view depends more on the political views of our friends and what links we’re most likely to click.”

In terms of your social, this new information doesn’t change a lot of what you see. If your friends have different interests or are clicking on links relating to information you’re not interested in, the only way to not see this is to unfriend or unfollow them.

Harsh? Maybe. But if you’re really getting annoyed by too many baby photos on your feed then this is the only way to stop the influx.

Have your say: Would you unfriend someone because they affect what you see?

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