Facebook launches new ‘Lists’ feature

How will the new Facebook ‘Lists’ feature help boost engagement?

Given the new algorithm, facebook will be providing new features to stay at forefront of the industry and allow users and brands to stay relevant. This particular update allows users to post colourful lists of their choosing as a means to boost interaction on the network. The option will present itself when creating a status, where the user can then write in various responses, change the colour and add emoji to suit the context.

Since Facebook users are already doing something similar, so why not make it easier for users?

Image source: TechCrunch

So, what does this new tool mean for marketers?

It’s currently hard to say whether these list will boost engagement or not, dependant on a few factors inlcuding whether they’re posted privately or publicly and the context of the lists.

However for users it’s a wonderful way to showcase where they might be going on holiday and encourage friends and family to interact and for businesses it could be a beneficial way to build market research, highlight certain products and boost appeal against competitors.

Another way the lists feature could be utilized is for influencers to create discussion prices and reviews with their key brands on top.


List option: coming to a newsfeed near you!

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