Facebook announces Linked Groups – connecting brands with communities!

By Alexandra Burgos

As any community manager will tell you, customer feedback is a valuable, pure source of information. But with over a billion users on a platform such as Facebook, how do we effectively reach these customers?

Very recently, Facebook announced that all (business) pages will now implement linked groups. This is an important step towards effective communication with your online community, and a new way to build and monitor engagement.

Linked Groups gives you the freedom to invite your “fan base” to freely share and access information that might not be visible on your business page. It can be utilised as a forum, blog or a place to share beautiful content and ideas.

It can be used as a safe space for users to interact with each other about everyday problems – whilst maintaining a link with the brand itself. The best thing about this is the feedback can then be generated into campaigns ideas, new initiatives and content ideas.

Suzi Nelson, Community Manager at DigitalMarketer explains the features of Facebook’s new addition here.

Will you be integrating Linked Groups into your Facebook page?

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