Facebook’s New Monetization Opportunities

A change is coming to Facebook and it is good news for creators and marketers!

Influential users are crucial to all social media platforms. The failure of Vine was an example of what happens when there is a lack of monetization for creators. Facebook does not want to follow this path. The social network is taking active steps to build a monetization model, that will not only be effective but something different to YouTube’s model of enabling creations to include ads. Two new monetization options for creators will be released in coming months.

Firstly, the want to create a way fans can support the creators they love. Back in January they released a live-stream ‘tipping’ option for gaming content which enables gaming streamers to accept donations for viewers. On top of this they will enables fans of selected creators to subscribe to their connect for $4.99 per month with exclusive additions.

Secondly, Facebook has created a tool that helps connect brands and creators. Creators will be able set up a portfolio highlighting their area of expertise. Brands will then be able to search and find creators to collaborate with. This will allow for creator and advertiser to create compelling brand content campaigns.

This new monetization model will provide more opportunities for brands and also creators. If creators link up with major partner brands then they will be able to create revenue without the need for intrusive ads. On the other hand, it will also make it much easier for marketers to find potential partnerships These new tools will be tested on a small set of creators in coming weeks and the new monetization model will be rolled out slowly in months following.

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