Facebook photos just got better


Facebook has updated its iOS app to now support Apple’s Live Photos, the ‘moving’ photos created with a still image buffered together with a second and a half video, introduced with the iPhone 6S.

These are ‘technically’ videos, but considering its so short, ‘It’s really more like a cinemagraph, GIF or what Apple calls ‘Living memories’’.

This new take on ordinary photo sharing is really an organic outcome of how users have evolved to creating and consuming content on social today.

Visual platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Vine facilitate sharing more dynamic and expressive content, so Facebook has made a good move integrating this into their user experience.

Sharing these will be as easy to upload as a regular image; you can simply choose Live Photo from your camera roll and activate it ‘live’ by tapping the circle icon in the bottom right corner of your photo preview.

Don’t have an iPhone 6S? No problems, anyone who has a device running iOS 9 or later (if this isn’t you, it may be time for an update) will be able to view the Live Photos in their news feed.

Between GIFs, video and Live Photos, we predict we’ll be seeing more dynamic and engaging social feeds in 2016.

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