Too hip to be a square

By Sophie Nettlefold

This week Facebook rolled out a more engaging look for Facebook Page profiles and the user interface, and you might have noticed the shape of your Page’s profile picture update from square to circular (hello Instagram!). This update will take hold in the News Feed, your Page’s timeline and through icons, likes, comments, and share buttons; all refreshed with enhanced designs to make it easier to tap on a touchscreen!

Why the change? What this actually translates to is Facebook’s move to create a cleaner look and more organic user experience. In getting rid of blue accents across the interface and redesigning comment threads to make them look dashingly similar to Facebook Messenger conversations, the goal is to make navigation easier and threads more consistent.

Although the larger profile version in your Page’s cover area will remain full size and square, we recommend updating your profile picture specs to ensure that your profile image is optimised in the circular frame, particularly for brands with their logo as their profile picture.

This change comes from Facebook’s efforts to boost Feed engagement, with design updates projected to lead more engaging ‘conversations with the people you want to reach. We’ve been testing design updates in News Feed and have seen encouraging results and feedback from this design update’.

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