Harvard Business Review: Generosity Burn Out

By Elana Harari

It is not new information to those who work in any form of a team that those who are generous with their skills are highly valued employees and team members.

“Givers turn out to be some of the most valuable employees in a company. Generosity — the willingness to share information, to bring others along, to make connections, to promote insights — is key to collaboration and high-performing teams.” (Listen here).

But what happens with givers burn out simply because they don’t understand that everything has its limit? In research recently published, the HBR found ‘selflessness at work leads to exhaustion — and often hurts the very people you want to help.’ (Read here).

So what’s the solution? While simplistic, the research found that effective givers recognise that every no frees you up to say yes when it matters most.

Make sure you’re being your best self and check the next time you say ‘yes’ to giving up your important time.

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