Google Plus is getting a makeover


Google + is getting a makeover, adding Pinterest-like collections to its platform.

Collections let users group similar posts (such as pictures of cats, makeup tips or pictures from a recent holiday) into different topic-based sections. These can be shared privately, publicly, or to a selected custom group of people.

Users will also be able to follow Collections that they like, and updates on these will appear in their Home Stream. The Collections function is available for the desktop version of the platform, as well as the Android app, with the iOs version still to come.  You can read more here!

What does this mean for my business? This revamp to Google’s flagging platform will allow you to organise and curate images in a more meaningful way. If you have different aspects to your business that can be presented well visually, you might be able to tap into a broader spectrum of Google + users and obtain different followers. For example, if your hotel business has a beautiful garden, as well as a great restaurant, specific flower and food-based Collections can be a great way to spread awareness of your brand, and may be more effective than the hotel’s regular Stream alone.

The makeover could also serve to make Google + a more appealing platform to people who are not already using it. An increase in users will mean more potential customers for you to tap in to. Additionally, the move may allow you to leverage your successful Pinterest strategy across Google +, which could lead you to find greater success on the platform.

How does this affect my strategy? While the changes taking place are an interesting move, communities in Australia have been slow to use Google + and it’s unclear whether they will now head to the platform in droves. This may not be helped by the inability to use the function on iOs devices just yet.

Despite this, it would be a great opportunity for your business to be an early adopter of Collections, and use this time to refine and experiment with how they can be used to showcase your visual content. If nothing else, it will allow you to trial it as an alternative photo sharing platform, and improve your searchability on Google, which is the main benefit of Google + for many businesses.

Have your say: Will you be using Google+ for your images?

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