Hashtags and Links now available on profiles!

A new feature on Instagram is opening new opportunities for marketers!

Instagram has released a new links option for user’s profile bio’s. Users are now able to add clickable hashtags and links to others Instagram profiles in their bio details. Instagram explains this new feature as a way for users to ‘express themselves and highlight their interests in their profile’.


This new tool has a lot of opportunity for brands that are looking to boost their exposure. Adding a hashtag to a profile will make it show up in relevant, hashtag-related searches which is a great way to generate exposure of an account. Branded tags are also a huge upside to this feature. Adding a #brand tag will allow users easy and full access to view content related to the business. For example, Hilton Hotel currently has #sharemyhiltonpic in their bio which brings up images of their various properties. Another upside to this feature is that for influencer campaigns, brands will now be able to request them to link the brands profile/hashtags in their bio. This will boost exposure potential and reach of influencer campaigns.


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