Say goodbye to vanity, and hello to true conversion through Facebook

By Anna Boucaut

As we are well and truly into the second half of 2017, Facebook have released their end of year focus which – for the data and analytics legends out there – will be music to your ears!

The focus: to refine advertising products and better align them with business objectives.

In their most recent earnings call, COO Sheryl Sandberg noted that “Marketers of all sizes are increasingly following our best practices – like optimizing their ads to drive real-world outcomes rather than focusing on proxy metrics, such as Page likes and video views.”.

For us at Loud Days, this is particularly interesting (and heart warming) as our teams have been working closely with clients to drive ROI towards the Page Follows* rather than solely focusing on the Page Likes figure as an indication of success.

By using these two metrics together, you will be able to clearly see the disconnect between engaged Page Fans and engaged Page Followers. What does this mean? You can ensure that your business continues to curate and create content that resonates well with the your community to drive real world outcomes (and not just a hollow like).

Additionally, Facebook announced they will remove the ability to boost a selection of ad formats from September 15 in order to ensure that only the most effective advertising products are being used.

To review the full list of post types that will be removed, click here.


* a metric that reports on Facebook users’ engagement with our pages


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