Hershey’s chooses digital-first approach for Cookie Layer Crunch launch

By Georgina Clement

When Hershey’s decided to launch a whole new chocolate bar, ‘Cookie Layer Crunch,’ the company took a digital-first approach. The product launched on National Cookie Day on 4 December, with three different types of Facebook content that was then used in other social posts.

On the same day, the brand used Facebook Live to stream from its Times Square store in an 11-minute clip that included produced segments from a mock product launch event. During the scene with the mock product launch, Hershey’s created videos and images that showed the candy bar floating and spinning in different directions to show all of its features.


One week before the launch, Hershey’s created a 20-second teaser video of a poster that looked like a 3D image coming out of the screen promoting its “latest and greatest innovation”. Data from the teaser videos was then used to create posts promoting three flavours, targeting people who watched the first set of videos.

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