How brands can take a metaphoric cookie from the cookie jar

By Phoebe Bullen

If you haven’t already heard, everyone’s favourite sweet-toothed Muppet from Sesame Street has graced the shores of Australia this week for a fair dinkum ‘tour down under’.  From snapping selfies at Australia Zoo, to practising his Aussie lingo and soaking in the sights, Cookie Monster’s social media feeds capture it all.


There is a lesson to be learnt here, so marketers, listen up! A Muppet he may be, but Cookie Monster has his brand on point. As more and more brands enter the realm of social media, users are demanding authenticity and personality.

Presenting the human side of your brand projects positive attributes and allows your audience to connect with more than just your logo. Taking Cookie Monster example: he is accessible, relatable, and he knows how to stay current (hello Quokka selfie!). As Brett Relander from Entrepreneur Magazine states at the end of the day, it’s all about people. Brands that focus on the human side of their social interactions report greater success bonding with the audience and connecting with customers (read more here).


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