How to Amplify Your Next Event



By Rosie Thompson

Almost every event these days uses social media to generate buzz in the lead-up, during, and post event. It is very common for events we attend to have a hashtag attached to it; from sporting events and festivals, to conferences and even weddings!

Social sharing has become an accepted part of a live event, with people coming armed with phones ready to snap the action. The question is though, who gets the biggest thrill from seeing content from an event?

More times than not, it is the people at the event who love sharing and seeing their own posts. This is why live stream screens and photobooths are such a successful addition to any event and a vital part of the shared social experience. Everyone likes to be acknowledged in the moment. There is no greater incentive to share to your social channels, than seeing your posts go live to a real life audience.

This type of organic social media event participation leads to greater buzz, higher shares and therefore greater exposure for brands and participants. Additional benefits of having a live stream wall and photobooths at events include:

  • Data collection to remarket and nurture through to a conversion
  • Branded content shared organically in an authentic way by attendees
  • Promote key sponsors and brands with branded frames and hashtags
  • Incentivise engagement through giveaways

For brands and event planners who would like greater social impact for their next event, then we highly recommend including social streaming in your strategy. It is a fantastic way to amplify your event by increasing reach, engagement and talkability across various social channels. This all translates to better ROI, which is always the end goal.

If you’ve got an event coming up that you’d like social to amplify, get in touch with the team here at Social Media Servants.

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