How to deliver outstanding customer service through social media


To keep up with the rapid growth and development of social media platforms, your brand’s reputation in the digital sphere should well and truly be at the forefront of your overall Customer Service strategy.  It can be your brand’s most valuable ally, or it can prove to be an absolute nightmare!

With more and more customers demanding social media support, here are some pointers on best practices to ensure your brand is providing top-level customer service.

  1. Time is of the essence!

Speed of response is critical. Gone are the days when you expect to wait 24-48 hours before your email is responded to, or 30 minutes on hold before your call is answered. When a customer is upset or they need answers to their questions, they expect an immediate response. What could seem like a small error on your part can gather social steam with such speed that your delay in responding can have a literal snowball effect.

Always respond with immediacy or with the promise of. It’s important that you let the customer know their comment has been seen and you’re working on a resolution.


  1. Show your human side

Fact: we always favour dealing with people rather than corporations.  Once you add that human element to your brand, it’ll bring you right back down to earth and customers won’t feel like they’re conversing with a robot!

Steer clear of automated responses and try to mix up your language. Take some time to think about your response and where possible, present it in a more casual, conversational tone. This way, you can still retain your brand voice, whilst communicating like a real, live human!


  1. Know when to take an issue offline

Unfortunately, the reality is that not every contact over social media can be easily resolved in a single exchange (especially with only 140 characters!). If you do need to transfer the issue to another channel, like email or phone, use the same friendly, helpful tone you normally would and start the process of making the customer feel looked after. Tone and empathy are incredibly important!



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