How to make the most out of your morning


What time do you wake up in the morning? How many alarms do you set before you get out of bed? Do you spend time on yourself, or do you rush to get ready, grab a quick coffee and head into the office?

At Social Media Servants, we’re trying something new. We’re ditching all habits. We’re saying goodbye to multiple alarms. We’re detaching ourselves from the comfort of our beds and pillows, and becoming morning people. Why are we doing something so insane? It’s not a secret that a majority of the most successful people in history and today utilise the productivity of the early hours of the morning to get a head start in their day.

But what would you do with that extra time?

“Productivity coach Jeff Sanders, author of a new book The 5am Miracle, is aiming to help change those habits. He advocates easing yourself into the day and using the quiet morning hours to get a head start on work, as well as working on yourself. It’s the time of day when you’re the most focused, the most energised and you stand to do the best quality work — no matter what the task.”

Our team our trying meditation, listening to audio books, watching motivational videos and Ted Talks, heading to the gym, working on our goals, or simply clearing emails and preparing for the day ahead.

Will you take on the challenge with us? Set your alarm one hour early for the next week (or perhaps in the new year!). Don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

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Have your say: How do your morning habits change the way you operate?

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