If you’re going to attack, make sure you do it well

Trojan Mailing

Here’s a great stunt or a killer prank from DHL who used rival shipping companies like UPS to advertise on their behalf.A genius and wonderfully innovative campaign.

Posted by Marketing Strategies on Wednesday, February 26, 2014

At Servants, we don’t often recommend a brand focuses their marketing campaigns on comparing themselves to a competitor unless they are ready to fully commit. Not only does this often fail to get traction, it also can make brands look petty and worse, give free advertising to the business they are trying to beat.

There are however, some exceptions to the rule. We know that Apple and McDonalds have done it well, but none can compare to the DHL prank-marketing campaign in 2014 where the company got their rivals to promote the DHL brand and slogan without them even knowing.

Have a look at the video above and see what you think – is there a fresh way to market your brand today?!



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