If you’re serious about your business succeeding then yes, advertise on social


When it is understood Facebook advertising is one of the greatest things Mark Z has given us. However, at this stage and often due to a lack of understanding, many have chosen to view this as a money grab by an evil corporate.

Love it or hate it, Facebook advertising is here to stay so we have decided to help you love it!

Where did it come from?

Facebook adverting is based around the Facebook algorithm that puts a block on all posts. This algorithm means that without advertising and community engagement, a post will only ever been seen by 0.53% of your community.

This is where many people decide Facebook just wants money. Now, while they do want money (as any good business does) the other reason that they utilise the algorithm makes more sense to your business:

  • If I like 100 pages and get 100 updates on my newsfeed every day, I will turn off Facebook
  • If I turn off Facebook and my friends turn off Facebook then there will be no more community for brands to talk to
  • No community = no social platform = lost business and brand community

The Facebook algorithm means that paying to be seen ensures that you as a business will be boosting quality content (ie: not wasting money on content that your community won’t care about) and that as a business, you will begin to think more about your page as a quality tool, not just a posting one.


What else do I need to know?

Now that the background of the algorithm is clear, what else do you need to know as a business?

  • You will be penalised by Facebook if you do not advertise. Not advertising means that you don’t really care about your presence and look at is as a ‘good to have’ instead as a necessity.
  • Facebook will reward those pages that commit to posting every day, who get good engagement from the community and who see value in social and use it for more than promotional opportunities.
  • Facebook advertising can be as little as $1 a day, or up to $10,000+. At SMS, we recommend a base advertising budget of $100 per week spread across boosting posts, sponsored ads and web traffic focused options

But do I really need to spend money?

We do understand that Facebook advertising has changed over the years and some will continue to think it is not for the better. To put it into perspective however, it’s always good to look at ‘real world’ examples and compare.

Where you are willing to pay $30,000+ in the hope of maybe getting buyers who are watching a favourite TV show for 30 seconds, $30,000+ on social media can now analytically ensure that these buyers see you and your business on a daily basis while targeting their friends and creating eyeballs and databases as never before. Where before it was a scattergun approach to targeting (this audience watches this TV show so let advertise during it), now you can choose to the most specific point whom you want to reach and nobody else.

In addition to this, creating an ad for traditional media is expensive. To create a TV ad requires concept creation, hiring talent, production staff, and location, and paying for the spot on the channel. A print ad is similar. For social media, some brands may invest in quality image and content production, but it’s minimal in comparison to traditional media.

Additionally, you had to pay extra for market research in order to find out where you should be advertising. Even then it wasn’t accurate, because it couldn’t be. Now you get that data for free and can be assured that you are reaching the correct audience at the right time.

Social media advertising started on Facebook and has continued to grow. You can now promote on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. If you’re not sure what is right for you, just think of where your audience is and begin there. Alternatively, ask any of your team at SMS and we will answer all of your questions and help however we can.




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