Instagram shopping: we don’t know how, but it is happening


“On Tuesday, Instagram announced that it will begin testing a variety of new ad formats, allowing advertisers to sell products, solicit website sign-ups and prompt app downloads, all within Instagram”

Love the idea or hate it, this change marks a major move for the platform and for businesses on social.

Where Instagram once prided itself on being the anti-brand, now it is embracing its popularity to make money (as any good business should) and giving the community what it wants; the ability to buy with one click.

For business, if you aren’t willing to spend money then this feature (most likely) will not be available to you.

Don’t like the sound of that? Instagram won’t be listening as gone are the days of free social. With analytics that is easily trackable, the ability to speak directly to your perfect customer everyday and the fact that you new have their personal data at your fingertips, the social powerhouses know their value and aren’t afraid to flaunt it.

As the adage says: you gotta spend money to make money; and if you’re not willing to spend, the platforms that make you money won’t be there for you.

Have your say: Does shopping on Instagram excite your business?

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