Instant Articles offer more to businesses

By Sophie Nettlefold

Facebook has introduced several updates to its Instant Articles feature, including Call to Action (CTA) buttons for email sign-ups and Page Likes to encourage reader loyalty, and new testing for a Free Trial and Mobile App Install CTA.

Recent improvements include the ability to support simultaneous publishing on Google AMP and, soon, Apple News through the Instant Articles Software Development Kit. There will be flexibility in advertising placements and new types of Facebook ads, including in the relation articles section of stories, all with improved monetisation opportunities.

So far in 2017, the platform has seen over 2 million email sign ups resulting from Call to Action units in Instant Articles, with a current rate over 25,000 per day across all publishers on Instant Articles. Instant Articles accounts for one third of all clicks to articles from Facebook, and has partnerships with more than 10,000 publishers globally.

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