Is the next big social contender?


By Rosie Thompson is sweeping the tween nation, and has proved to be a powerful social platform that will sit with the likes of Snapchat and Instagram. So if you thought this was just a fad, it might be time to embrace it.

Have no idea what we are talking about? is a platform for tweens that allows you to make short 15 second videos of yourself lip-syncing and dancing to popular music and audio bites. Think of it as a combination of Dubsmash, Snapchat and Vine. My nieces (10 and 8) are BIG fans of it, and I must admit, it is pretty entertaining! With over 90 million users globally, it is attracting the attention of major labels, with a recent deal signed with Warner Music Group.

Nowadays, the social platform space is very cluttered; every day there is another social app launching to try take on the social giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Unlike most social apps however, have managed to cut through the noise and are standing out as a strong contender with real staying power and incredible influence.

So, what makes it so successful? First of all, is the first real social network that has captivated the younger generation (7-16yrs). Snapchat initially captured the tween and teenage audience because it understood what was important when it comes to teens; not being in the same space as their parents, and privacy. Like Facebook, Snapchat’s app and strategies have started to skew older and become more appealing to a much larger demo… and it is very likely that will do the same.

As phone and tablets are being used at younger ages, reaching this demographic is going to become increasingly influential. Technology is beginning to skew younger and apps that can successfully capture this demo’s attention are going to enviably succeed.

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Another reason why I believe is so successful is because it is useful, fun tool. Similar to how Instagram started as a utility app, before building itself up as a social platform.

Instagram’s initial strength was that enabled everyone to be better photographers. It gave people the ability to take good photos with their phones, put filters on them to share with their friends. This brought in a strong user base, and only then did it start becoming a social network.

Similarly to Instagram, are allowing a younger generation to generate content in new ways that they would not be able to produce as easily on their own. It is giving people the resources to make fun and entertaining video content that is very entertaining and shareable. has a lot of attention right now, and we believe it is here to stay. As a brand, if you want to reach this younger demographic, then there is no better way that using the platform they use. With over 90 million users and growing, it is clearly a favourite among the younger generation and something that marketers and brand managers need to watch.

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