Is your workplace social media savvy?


Your employees are a walking billboard for your business. The more you teach them, the better they will be. When it comes to social media, educating your employees (or not educating them) can make all the difference.

They’re Already Online

Whatever elements you put in place to “control” your brand’s social media, you cannot control what your team do when not at work (and nor should you want to).

For example, if you have a partnership coming up that is very important to your business, simply let the team know as much as you can. If public conversation from those who work in your business could have an effect on the outcome, simply ask them not to post on certain issues.

It goes back to the premise: I don’t know what I don’t know. If you ask employees not to post about something, in most cases they will respect that. However, if you don’t let them know and they do post, they are not to blame.

The more you educate your employees on your business and its best practices, the better for your brand in the long term.

On the flip side, if you give them opportunities to post about things with clear (and fun!) guidelines, you can be sure that they feel empowered with the trust and knowledge you have given them to post effectively and in a respectful manner.

They Are The Front Line

Every day your employees are talking to clients and customers. They are looking for ways to help and, in certain areas, can be more “in the know’ than managers.

By educating your team on things to look out for, ways to respond, red flags, client wins, and potential opportunities, you will ensure the best for your client, your team, and your business department.

Beyond that, by trusting in your team and giving them the tools they need, you can create a powerful network that gives your clients and customers the best outcome possible.

Strength In Numbers

Looking at Facebook, the “average” person has 300+ friends. When used correctly, educating your employees on social media can create a new and strong network for your business and even your clients.

By educating and encouraging (never forcing) your team to use social media for business purposes, you have the opportunity to get out to their friends and network.

Have 10 people working for you? That’s 3000 people you wouldn’t have had access to before! Have 100 employees? That’s 30,000…

Educate your team on the best way to use social for the business and you will see great results!

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