It is but it isn’t: Snapchat taking over Facebook users


Snapchat has as many daily active users as Facebook. So why aren’t you using it for your business?

“Snapchat has nearly 100 million daily active users, CEO Evan Spiegel said on stage at Re/code’s Code Conference Tuesday evening.

That’s about as many as Facebook, which reported 936 million daily active users in March, even though the social network was founded about 7 years earlier.”

With many ‘personalities’ using the app to give a real-time, behind-the-scenes look into their lives, businesses who are already using it are driving the community instore to receive promotions, discounts and to get involved in new and exciting ways.

And you? What are you doing to utilise Snapchat to give your community more? Not using it yet? Don’t worry. We all know that numbers can lie and the above number is no different.

While Snapchat might have as many ‘daily active users’ as Facebook, their community watches half the amount of videos as their Facebook counterparts. So while the ‘community numbers’ are there, content uptake is still higher on other platforms. And as content is king, the platforms that gets more eyes on content reigns.

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