Job Advertising on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is entering the job advertising market?

Facebook is expanding the ability to apply for jobs directly on Facebook to more than 40 additional countries. This comes after trailing an on-platform job listing in North America. The focus behind this move is to help connect local businesses with potential candidates who are active on the platform. LinkedIn is marketed at white collar professionals whereas Facebook is aiming to target businesses looking for casual, local people who may have specialised skills. This aim aligns with their broader mission to strengthen civic engagement and community inclusion on the platform.

Job seekers can view job openings through the dedicated ‘Jobs’ listing in the explore section, visiting a specific businesses’ ‘Jobs’ section on their profile or through promoted job ads if their profile fits with what the company is looking for. When a job seeker applies for a position their application is auto-filled with information from their profile and they are also connected to the business via messenger to receive updates about their application.


This feature has various upsides for companies. They can choose to boost these job posts to reach the right candidates. They can also communicate with applicants through messenger whether that be for scheduling an interview or sending automated reminders. Given the amount of data Facebook has and how many businesses actively use the social media platform it makes sense that they would utilise their insights to connect users with potential employment opportunities.

The social network has released two promotional videos that showcase how job seekers and employers can use this new feature.

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