Live Video to Rank Higher in the News Feed



By Phoebe Bullen

To continue delivering the most relevant content to consumers on the platform, Facebook have updated the News Feed algorithm to display live video content first.

Due to the increasing popularity of people watching live videos, Facebook will now consider these as a new content type – different from normal videos. In an aim to draw further attention to live video broadcasts, the newsfeed update means people are more likely to see those video streams when they’re actually live, providing a much more engaging experience for viewers to connect and interact with the broadcaster.

Have you considered live videos as part of your brand’s social media strategy?

Here are 6 ways you could integrate live streaming videos to connect with your audience:

  1. Share live events and build interactive connections in real time
  2. Host interviews with staff or clients to add a human element to the brand
  3. Offer exclusive access to behind the scenes content of something the audience would not normally have access to
  4. Host Q&A sessions to encourage two-way conversations with your audience
  5. Live stream product launches
  6. Show your audience how to use a product

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