Looking beyond Periscope for your video strategy


According to Mashable, Twitter’s new live-streaming platform, Periscope, has attracted over 1 million users in only 10 days after it was launched.

This new app is a part of a larger move by Twitter to grow through new channels, such as group direct messaging, native video sharing and, naturally, live-streaming. The new app also takes on rival live-streaming app Meerkat. Read the full article here!

Twitter’s adoption of video content shows that it is becoming more and more relevant across all forms of social media, and is something that is no longer a ‘should’ but a ‘must’ for businesses. In addition to video utilisation by Twitter, this ‘must’ factor has been embraced by Facebook, with the platform rewarding pages that use video content with an increase reach, engagement and even the ability for Facebook advertising to share this style content far-and-wide.

By increasing your use of video content across your digital strategy, you can take advantage of these new platforms and increase your engagement, grow your community through unique content and stake your claim as a front-runner in the digital space.

Have your say: how have you implemented video into your social strategy?

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