Master of scale: Lead, Lead Again

By Elana Harari

“You have to be as skilled at breaking plans as you are at making them.”

This podcast (episode 5) by Reid Hoffman (co-founder of LinkedIn, VC, entrepreneur) is for anyone who runs or works in a business that is looking to grow.

Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook), who went from managing 4 people to 4,000 at Google and knows the importance of scale, shares her personal lessons on how to manage it.

A simple example:

Having a birthday cake for all 4 people in your business? Easy and no real financial or time commitment.

Having a birthday cake for all 4,000 people? An average time cost of 160 million minutes* and an average financial cost of $40,000 each year.

The big question? How do you take this away from people who are used to having it?

Learn from the best and see how the big players in digital and technology make scale happen. Want to read it? Check out the transcript here.

* 4,000 people x 10 minutes = 40,000 x 4,000 birthdays

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