Measuring ROI for Influencers

Have you heard about the influencer reach metric?

Based on the ROI Influencer Score, model Gigi Hadid was the top influencer in fashion for the month of February.
Alana O’Herlihy, Getty Images

It’s no surprise that many brands are turning to influencers; both macro and micro to assist in their marketing.

However a celebrity intelligence report revealed that 84% of marketing specialists agree that although it’s a good strategy, finding the right one can be time consuming and exhausting. This opinion however could be a thought of the past now with the ROI Influencer metric. What does the metric measure? It looks at engagement points such as likes, retweets, shares, views. It then compares these too previous posts, previous trend data and influencer demographic.

From these results, the influencer is given a score in various categories and reveals the top influencers in each category. For an example Gigi Hadid is currently the top influencer in the category of Fashion. The ROI Influencer score also can be broken down to key data like engagement score, average engagement score and the average engagement score per follower.

Mr Kean, CEO of ROI Influencer Media states “There’s no reason to guess or philosophize on who the influencer is and how they’re performing.” This information is vital to marketers and could potentially save a lot of time.

The score is not only good for seeing who is the top influencers in the various categories but also essential in looking at micro-influencers. The score is good for the fact is allows marketers to see what influencers have true engagement.

But this score is not for everyone. Marketers still need to make sure influencers align with their brand values and also connect with their audience every day which can’t be revealed through this score. It is a great starting point but should not be used without some background research on the influencer.

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