Simon Sinek: Millennials in the Workplace

By Elana Harari

The video by British/ American author and marketing strategist Simon Sinek divided many who watched it.

Sinek breaks down the issues with Millennials in the workplace into four key categories: parenting, technology, impatience and environment.

He launches with the idea that Millennials generally confound the leadership so much, leaders will say “what do you want?” and millennials will say “we want to work in a place with purpose, we want to make an impact, we want free food and bean bag chairs. And yet, when provided all these things, they are still not happy.”

The author believes that all of these elements combined means there will always be something missing for this generation who continues to look for things that make them happy.

While some praise this view of Millennials, their upbringing and personal needs, others (many Millennials), find the idea that they are simply ‘thrust into the real world and in an instant they find out they are not special, their mom’s can’t get them a promotion, … they can’t just have it because they want it’ slightly offensive and simplistic.

Whatever your view, the discussed ideas will get you thinking and (maybe) change the way you look at those you work with.

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