New Facebook Video Uploader

Is video the future of Facebook?

Zuckerberg has always said that video with be a major player in Facebook’s future and it looks that way with the social networks newest update aimed toward video. YouTube continues to be the number one social video platform but Facebook is trying it’s hardest to crack this. The new Facebook video uploader is reviewed to be ‘better looking, much faster and user friendly’ compared to the previous model. The upgrade to the model also comes with some new features.

  • Thumbnails

It is now easier to choose the best thumbnails for videos. Users can upload their own, use the auto-generated one or select any video frame to be the thumbnail.

  • Secret Video Mode

Facebook’s secret video mode allows users to upload a video that is only available for embedding on other websites or seen by those who have the link. Users can turn off reactions and comments on secret videos. These videos will not appear on a page’s feed, news feed or anywhere else on Facebook.


  • Internal and Universal Tracking

The uploader also makes it easier to add tags to a video for internal or universal tracking. This feature helps evaluate the video content against similar videos and helps to show which content works the best for the objective.


These changes are a major upgrade from the previous video uploader.

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