‘New Posts’ Feature on Instagram!

Did you hear that Instagram is trialling a feature that will bring back the chronological order news feed?

In June 2016, the photo sharing social media network revealed that its feed would be curated by an algorithm. This move was very unpopular with many users missing their chronological order news feed.

Jump forward a couple of years and Instagram has revealed in a recent blog post that they will be tweaking their algorithm to help newer posts appear closer to the top of the newsfeed. Further on from this Instagram has begun testing a ‘New Posts’ button which enable users to choose when they want to refresh their newsfeed. Users will simply have to tap the button when they want to refresh their feed, otherwise if not tapped users will stay where they were.

These changes to the photo sharing network will make sure that users see posts timelier and are less likely to miss out on the moments that they really care about. These changes are one of the many improvements that Instagram promises in the coming months.


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