It’s time to stop hating the player and start playing the game

It’s not your imagination; the organic reach of business pages on Facebook and Instagram has fallen. However, you may have missed less obvious social media updates… individual relevance is now a factor in who sees what, authentic content is ranked based on news feed updates, link posts are falling in popularity, click bait is no longer gaining traction, and websites that aren’t optimised for mobile will be penalised. And that’s just a snapshot of the changes since August 2016.

If you read this, wonder what’s going on, and are asking yourself, how can I keep up with it all? here is a simple answer – be smarter.

Video content continues to dominate with reach, engagement and conversions. You must be creating video content

Facebook advertising is a non-negotiable. You must be spending on social advertising*

‘Authentic content’ is what is driving your audience to interact with you. You must create your own content

Content posted by friends and family will reach further than business content. You cannot beat the power of the people, you have to understand how to harness it!

Social media is not about simply posting to a social platform. This archaic thought process is making businesses spend money where they don’t get ROI and in turn, they miss out on the power of social media. In a year where Facebook advertising revenue is in the billions of dollars, it’s safe to say this media giant knows exactly what they are doing. And what’s more, they are here to help you play the game.

*Segmentation is no longer an option

Post frequently – Don’t worry about over-posting. The goal of News Feed is to show each person the most relevant story so not all of your posts are guaranteed to show in their Feeds.

If you are posting to a general audience, Facebook and Instagram know this, and they will make you pay for it… literally. Instead, through social listening and market analysis, your business can define exactly who you are talking to, and based on the relevance of the post, can ensure these are the only people who are reached by the content.

In turn, your pages and your business will be able to see the ROI through sales, database acquisition, and anything your business defines as a conversion or objective.


See the full outline of changes, updates, case studies and more here.



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