Proving ROI on Instagram? Maybe it is possible!


By Anna Boucaut

Even with the dreaded algorithm update and opening its API, Instagram continues to restrict active links in photo captions. This move makes it nearly impossible for retailers to share a direct link to ‘shop product’ with their Instagram followers. This seemingly impossible roadblock isn’t stopping the pros however, with bands like Michael Kors turning their 8.2 million followers into repeat consumers.

The “InstaKors” system has been tried and tested and is proving great results for the business. Once users have signed up to the website, they can then shop the brand on Instagram. Once they have done this and they like a photo with the #INSTAKORS tag, they will receive an email that links them to shop each product in the image.
Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.24.50 pm

Not only has the team at Michael Kors developed a great way to build their database, but the company has also created an iconic hashtag that will consistently see great engagement across the platform.  Leveraging off this engagement, the #INSTAKORS campaign has begun to promote special shopping opportunities that are exclusive to the hashtag on Instagram.

Currently only available in the US, we don’t image it is long before we see this type of smart cross-platform integration appearing for multiple brands.



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