Snapchat’s New Advertising Opportunities

Did you hear about Snapchat expanding advertising opportunities?

Snapchat is now taking a step in its monetisation efforts by opening up its advertising to all. Snapchat originally only provided access to its API to approved developers but now all advertisers and third-party developers will be able to utilize it. It will allow advertisers to experiment with different kinds of ads with the option that ads can be bought and sold automatically. This type of automated ad buying is available on most other platforms.

These changes will help boost revenue and build much more advertising opportunity. In doing this it will remove the need for businesses to go through Snapchat’s direct sales team. It will enable agencies to reduce their reliance on outside vendors to manage Snapchat campaigns.

Snapchat seems to be refining its processes and building potential which indicates that 2018 may be an interesting year for this social space, especially with Facebook’s recent  feed shifts. With some uncertainty about businesses on Facebook this could be the chance the yellow ghost has been looking for to expand.

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